” I hadn’t practiced yoga in over 20 years. On more than one occasion in NYC I found myself in pain for a few days post practice… enough to seek a different path. Many years later in Miami, a bulging lumbar disc led me to Allaine Stricklen. The sound of ‘gentle therapeutics yoga’ was enough to drown out the negative connotation I had from my prior experiences. Working back of house within hospitality goes hand-in-hand with back issues. Many hours over many years with top physical therapists, countless 2 & 3 hour massages and they helped here and there, certainly. I am astounded that from three classes in one week with Allaine I was pain-free for an entire day for the first time in six weeks.”
Gentle Therapeutics Yoga with Allaine Stricklen was exactly what I expected and most remarkable experience. 
Christopher  Miami February 2019


The immense amount of knowledge prepared me to become a Therapeutic’s Yoga Instructor. I started the Teacher Training with a lot of fears, today after finished my training I feel strong and ready to enjoy my new path in the Therapeutic’s field.
I will always be thankful to the universe for bringing Allaine into my life, she prepared me to become the person that I am today, with her help I  enjoyed the journey of a personal discovery and a lot of learning from the depths of yoga, she enhanced my view of how wonderful life is, and that  prepared me with  the necessary tools to become a Therapist.  Now I am ready to create positive thinking to myself and to others, provide healing to injury and create body-mind and spirit connection.   All of this was possible because Allaine was there every step of the way, now I am ready to share my knowledge with others, I am honored to be a part of the Gentle Therapeutic’s family, I am proud of myself for this accomplishment but nothing would have been possible without Allaine’s support .
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your knowledge with me, your are a very special person. My light honors your light, 

Lorena A Miami

I signed up for Allaine’s Yoga and Meditation Retreat as a means for healing both physically and mentally. I had just been laid off, broken up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years, and was recovering from a really bad fall that left me with a concussion and major side effects. I was nervous about attending since I had some limitations. Allaine was great about answering all of my questions and providing plenty of reassurance before I registered. Upon arrival, I discovered Allaine put a lot of thought into pairing us with roommates and I made a new friend for life out of this pairing. I can’t thank her enough! Her intuition is amazing. From attending the retreat, I have a newfound confidence in doing yoga and integrating both it and meditation into my daily life. I’ve suffered from chronic back and neck pain most of my life and I saw more positive change in my body in these 6 days then I have in years of other treatments. My shoulders are releasing and my neck has never felt better. Even my doctor said to keep up with the program. Mentally, this was super powerful. I noticed that I healed quite a bit from the concussion symptoms from just being more present for 6 days. I stopped having anxiety or when I did, I knew how to manage it naturally. I had fewer migraines. And my sleep is improving with nightly meditation. I now feel better equipped to deal with life and tackle these major and quite challenging transitions I am currently going through. Thanks Allaine for being my angel and life saver!

Holly Jackson

Attending Allaine’s Gentle Therapeutics Yoga retreat created an openness and deep sense of peace within me which I have never experienced before. In fact, it helped me to identify areas of tension within my body which I had come to accept as normal. After participating in her healing classes, these areas (neck, shoulders) were more relaxed and tension-free than I even knew they could be.
From the spiritual side, I was in need of returning to my meditation practice and Allaine reintroduced me to the importance of regular practice in maintaining mental balance. This past week I have engaged in nightly Yoga Nidra practice, thanks to Allaine, and I am recommitted to a daily meditation practice.
I look forward to attending future retreats with Allaine, and will seek her out should my journey ever bring me to Miami!!
Cindy Townsend
Dear Allaine ,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience at your Ratna Ling Yoga Retreat in California.
Your yoga is the most amazing yoga ever!
You give 100% personal hands on attention to every single person in the group.
Your yoga encompasses the Physical as well as the spiritual plane .
Your knowledge of the anatomy blows my mind and what further blows me away is your meditation!
I will continue supporting you and going to all of your retreats!
I can’t wait for the next one
With love and gratitude
Susan Gale
I looked to the stars beyond
Searching, yearning
Then I felt my heart
And found the stars with
And connected to the stars beyond.
I’m still on the journey. Thanks for showing me the path which I always knew.
Thank you for a lovely retreat, inspiration and joy that you give.
I had such an amazing week and truly, truly want to thank you for how much care, organization, thoughtfulness, love, and dedication you put into each and every aspect of the retreat.
Namaste, Stefanie

This retreat was my first experience with restorative yoga. As a yoga teacher I was very excited to practice yoga from a different approach. My experience was amazingly beautiful and very thoughtful. Your teachings, relaxation, and meditation Techniques completed the goal. Made my mind, body and soul relax and let go.
Amazing location surrounded  by beautiful nature. It was completely in harmony with the retreat. Was a pleasure be part of it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful energies with us. Looking forward to the next one!
Kyra La Rosa
Allaine … Although I was only able to partake in your retreat for a few days, it was a truly enlightening experience. I’m happy to say that each day you’re attention to detail with the 10 of us was quite noticeable. It’s hard not to notice your passion for your profession. It’s quite obvious! Thanks again for the experience and for opening my eyes to your restorative technique. See you soon.
Barry, FL


Allaine’s Gentle Therapeutics Yoga Retreat in Sonoma had a significant impact on my health. After several days of classes, my lower back pain and stress decreased. Allaine actively corrected poses, in order to lessen chance of injury. She demonstrated compassion, flexibility, and wisdom in her approach.
Laura R. Friedeberg, LMFT
Allaine Stricklen is the best Yoga teacher in the world, and her retreats are all about Gentle Theraputics yoga of which she is the Master.  A wonderful experience
Susan Lewin
Allaine recently presented her 5-day yoga retreat at Ratna Ling Retreat Center. She generously invited our staff to join her classes. The restorative evening class was tremendously relaxing. It unwound parts of my body and mind I did not even realize were tense, leaving me feeling very open and relaxed. I had to try her Gentle Therapeutics class the next morning as well. It also was very relaxing, while also stimulating. I left feeling like a new, improved version of myself. Thank you, Allaine!.
Rosalyn White, Co-director, Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Sonoma County, California
Very much enjoyed the GT retreat in Sonoma.  Allaine was always available and willing to talk, listen, explain, or discuss.  She is incredibly patient, good-humored, and generous. Ratna Ling was a lovely getaway and I miss my cabin!
Lisa Heller
Dear owners of the Miami Life Center,
Hi, my name is Cheryl  Sands, and I am 61 years old. I live in the neighborhood. Every time I passed by the Center, I would get this positive feeling. I used to do Yoga, long ago and far away. I forgot to take care of myself, divorced single parent!
Then… I had a debilitating stroke. I was riding my bicycle to work and it felt like my brain exploded. I was laid up for about a year, my mind all scrambled, the right side of my body almost all paralyzed and horribly affected. I couldn’t even use a pen. I put on a lot of weight, was very depressed, sure that my life was over. I have a disability also that earned me hardly anything, but pain and a stipend.
So one day, I decided to walk into the Center met with this angel named Natasha on the Front Desk. I had to have a doctor’s note to start, I looked so terrible. So I started in the Gentle Therapeutics and Restorative Yoga class. I could hardly walk, and my mind was still scrambled, and I had a lot of weight on.
I am sure I freaked the class a little out , then I met another angel from heaven named Allaine, the creator of Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.  I could not even sit up or crawl over to the bolster that is one of the props for this kind of yoga. So I began.
Allaine was so patient with me. I was so weak, emotional and still ill. She showed me so much love and compassion, this kind of person is rare, so I kept coming back to this class. I need it, like the air I breath. She and Natasha worked with me so compassionately. The voice and spirit of Yoga , so gently I began to improve, slowly and with so much love and understanding I started to change, back to a better me, only with Allaine’s help (and the other members patience). I was being restored physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have a spiritual practice now. Allaine is my Teacher. She is so gentle and loving.  There is such a need of this for the disabled, the seniors, the pregnant woman, the walking wounded.
Today, I walk normally, not dragging my leg. I lost 25 pounds (2 dress sizes), and hold a pen. Allaine and Natasha literally saved my life, and brought Yoga home to me. Today I have a happy life, I meditate every day, I have a practice! What a gift! Also chronic pain is helped by Yoga, my physical pain is so much less.

I can be in the present again. What would the world do without the spirit of this yoga class?

We do postures with props (Thank God), we sing, we pray. I have a little bubble of joy, in my consciousness- I have faith it will grow bigger.

Namaste, Cheryl  Sands
Miami Florida

Dear Allaine,
Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I look forward to part 2. I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the take-aways were terrific. For the first time in years, I went to 2 yoga classes after the workshop and came out without hip pain and with a restful and relaxing shavasana.  I did not move a muscle during the corpse pose and could hardly believe it! You have improved my yoga practice and my life!

Thank you,

About five months ago I began suffering painful jabs near my right hip caused by sciatica. I gave myself six months to try to find a way to ease my symptoms before seeing an orthopedist and having an invasive procedure. I tried many sessions of acupuncture, several sessions of a type of “water exercise” therapy, and a few sessions with a physical therapist. All relieved some of the pain but I still felt discomfort. I have taken yoga classes for years and happened to see a brochure in a yoga studio describing Allaine’s therapeutic skills. I contacted her and had about three sessions with her. The sessions were informative and wonderful and she gave me a few specific exercises to do at home. Within three weeks my pain was completely gone. I do have to do the exercises every day. If I don’t, the discomfort returns but my life has returned to “normal.” There are no longer any physical limitations on what I can do. I am so grateful for Allaine’s knowledge and generosity in sharing her skills. If anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to get my info from Allaine. I would be happy to talk to you.
Thank you,
Sheryl J.
Hi Allaine,
Took your wonderful neck and shoulder yoga workshop Sunday, and thank you so much! I walked in with some neck pain, and felt much better right away, and today is a good day too. Took notes to repeat the sequences at home. Looking forward to receiving photos from the workshop. I have a 35+ year old injury to my neck from a fall. Was treated for severe whiplash, and sustained damage to C3-C4, which now have signs of cervical stenosis and degenerative disc disease. When cold fronts roll through, or I have too much emotional stress, my neck hurts, even after all these years. Putting pressure on the neck by doing shoulder stand (even with blankets) and plow cause pain so I’ve stopped doing them, and my doctor forbids headstand. The supported inversion from Sunday’s workshop didn’t seem to bother me too much, maybe because I wasn’t putting all my weight on the neck and shoulders. You’re the only teacher in town that I know of who addresses the needs of an injured yoga practitioner. Am so glad that you are offering workshops and teaching your therapeutic techniques. Keep up the good work! Many thanks!
Marian Wertalka
Hi Allaine,
This was the second neck and shoulders workshop I’ve taken with Allaine, and it was even better than the first. Not only does she take you through the postures slowly and clearly, but she also explains the anatomy (with hand-outs): skeletal structure, musculature, etc., so you really understand what you’re feeling, where the exact trouble spots are, and how they got there in the first place. Like many others, I work at a computer all day. Allaine has made me aware of how bad my posture can be as a result, and given me specific ways of noticing and correcting it. She has made a huge difference!
Chase Twichell
Hi Allaine,
Hope all is well. I’m still in a post-yoga bliss from your weekend workshop. Not only do I feel wonderful, I also feel like I gained a whole new awareness of alignment and body mechanics. In fact, I have started using some of your poses with my own students and have gotten many smiles and thank-you’s. You have such a sweet, comforting teaching style, and you have a great way of dissecting a pose so that it’s easy to remember and recreate. I can’t thank you enough and wish you all the best as you continue to share such a beautiful gift with others.
Julie Valbuena
As a gentle yoga teacher, I am still a perpetual student. I have been taking Allaine’s Gentle Therapeutics classes regularly and when she offered a weekend workshop series focusing on neck/shoulders, lower back/sciatic & knees/hips- areas of the body often injured, I jumped at the chance. Allaine is patient and gentle with all of her students. She is experienced & has a wealth of information at her fingertips and can change up a class to accommodate a specialized need. Her explanations, including getting into and out of a pose safely are spot on- along with her lively reminders of the benefits the pose has for your body. Allaine has a keen eye & works to be sure that everyone has the information to move their body into proper alignment. She is serious about her yoga, yet playful & fun. I highly recommend Allaine!
Alissa Pardo Stein
Allaine has amazing knowledge, insight and experience working with the body/mind connection and through this awareness how we can start to heal ourselves through a gentle asana practice and changing our patterns of thinking. In her classes and workshops she gives students the tools to cope with their individual pains/stress/emotional issues. Thanks again for your help in healing/relieving my sciatic and shoulder pain. Your dedication, passion, integrity and warm, nurturing personality peppered with a great sense of humor are always a welcome addition and highlight to the days I am able to attend your classes. I have been taking Allaine’s classes for over 3 years now and was privileged to attend to her recent workshops for neck and shoulder, sciatica and hips and knees at Green Monkey in February 2013. Her workshops were well planned, educational, and lead to a greater sense of understanding of how to heal our problem areas, while being enjoyable and educational. I look forward to attending more of her workshops in the future. Her teachings are beneficial whether you are a teacher or a student of yoga, as she makes everyone feel welcomed and nurtured.
Meredith Weil
Dear Allaine,
Thanks to you for giving me a new insight into my body and mind.It is very special to be able to listen and learn from you. Am looking forward to more Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, this weekend.
Have a good day,
I have just completed the second week of Allaine’s Gentle Therapeutics Yoga Workshop at Green Monkey and I’m forever changed.The healing methods behind this style of yoga is beautiful and applicable to everyone. I’ve introduced my mother to it because of lower back issues and she feels amazing.If you are looking for a mind/body connection, you owe it to yourself to participate in Allaine’s workshop or take one of her classes.She is the real deal!
Thank you,
Jeanette Ruiz
Hi Allaine,
I wanted to thank you for the neck & shoulders weekend. I have no pain for the first time in months. You are a wonderful, generous teacher, not to mention a magician!
Chase Twichell
I enjoyed the workshop very much. Your years of expertise combined with your clear instruction made it easy to follow and fun. I felt fantastic on Monday. I really have learned a lot. Your experience with working with all groups of people, with different levels of ability shows. You are a master with the props and have a gentle way of making sure that everyone gets into the pose safely. Brava! I am looking forward to attending the third and final workshop addressing the hips and knees.
With much appreciation
Funny enough, I have been thinking about you all day because I wanted to say how pleased I am that I decided to do this training. The amount of knowledge you provide is unparalleled, but beyond that you embody kindness and gentleness and make me want to be kinder to this body of mine! What I learned this weekend are invaluable tools to assist my students in healing through yoga in body but more importantly in their relationship to their bodies. In 3 short days, you have given me a new perspective, awe and respect for this vessel!
In Gratidude for your gentle Guidance!
Niki Castro, MSW, CWC
Dearest Allaine,
I was thinking  about you and that amazing time we spent together in the Teacher  Training last year. I’m finding myself adding a bit of Therapeutics Yoga in my classes more and more these days. Usually at the beginning or at the end before savasana. My students love that little bit, too! I feel  like it helps separate me a bit from the pack of yoga teachers teaching a straight sequence. Variety is the spice of life, they say! I’m really grateful to have learned from one of the best!
Angel Saunders RYT 200
Hi Kim and Tino,
I want to let you know that I  had a remarkable experience today at your facility.  I am in Miami for a vacation and happily found your website on line to enhance my experience of your wonderful city. A year ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive auto immune disease and I went from being a very active business owner, athlete, wife and mother of two children 15 months ago, to not being able to get out of bed, out of a car, or out of a chair without help. Ultimately after some excellent medical care, drug therapies, and a new found daily commitment to yoga I am able to live a very full life again. Today was amazing for me because as luck would have it I somewhat randomly  signed for the Allaine Stricklen‘s class.  What an experience this class was for me, I moved in such uniquely protected ways that allowed me to get relief that I have not felt since prior to my challenges.  I just wanted to thank you for hiring such a gifted teacher.  I wish we were not  leaving town so soon or I would be right back to make this my new yoga home.
Thanks again,
Megan Whitehouse
Yoga Student
I’ve been taking private classes of gentle therapeutic yoga with my dear instructor Allaine for 15 years or so and it has changed my life. It’s calmed me, corrected my posture and alignment, kept me flexible and slowed the dreaded aging process. Most importantly, it’s provided me with a beautiful oasis of peace and spirituality. Allaine is the real deal – when she sees me she immediately knows what condition my body is in and creates a class that addresses those conditions. No two classes are exactly alike – it’s inspired yoga. She’s a beautiful spirit who radiates light and love.
Susan Brustman
Brustman Carrino Public Relations
Your class has become a gift that I give to myself! You are probably one of the most caring people I know. I love the the way you ask each and everyone of your students before the class begins if there is a particular problem that you should be aware of. Incorporating these issues in the session makes it seem as if the class is tailor made for each one of us. Then there is your spirituality, your soothing voice, and the beautiful metaphors that you use to explain the poses that guarantee me an hour of tranquility and bliss. Your class gives me the opportunity to just concentrate on the present and leave everything else behind…which is no easy task for a person who has a mind full of clutter!! And then there is the physical aspect of my yoga practice – you are continually helping me to help myself. I believe that our sessions aided me to overcome my bout with vertigo. I also believe that what I am learning through your guidance is helping me to control my back and neck issues. You are showing me how to strengthen my areas of weakness and gain control of the discomfort that I feel. I find myself taking my teachings out of the classroom and into my daily life. Now before I reach for an over the counter remedy I try a yoga remedy. For a “conventional” person this speaks volumes! To sum it all up – Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is an experience that absolutely needs to be experienced!!
Gratefully, Sheryl Fruitman
A ray of sunshine is what she is. Being apart of Allaine’s teacher training really changed my life in the most beautiful way. I Really didn’t want my testimonial to sound generic along with “how amazing everything was” but IT REALLY WAS. Everyday living and breathing yoga is the most beautiful and heart nurturing experience to living.
I learned so many interesting depths to Yoga. Not only has my practice strengthened greatly but my knowledge on the human mind, body and soul has tripled, while studying Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.
Through this loving learning environment Allaine creates with her beautiful presence, much self-growth will take place. I feel my soul has grown and strengthened tremendously. Everyday I am Happy it’s wild. Everyday I feel such a better understanding to life with constant and much gratitude. This whole experience literally has left me feeling suited up , armored and ready for my endeavors in this world. Armed with Peace, Love and Compassion. I have to say this has been one of the best things I have ever decided to do. I will always look back and treasure the jewels I made within myself and found in and out of this teacher training. It has truly been a beautiful new beginning …Most proud to say I am now a VEGAN … and would never look back !!
Lj Fernandes
The first ever gentle therapeutics yoga that I experienced was at Brickell Yoga Shala, and Allaine Stricklen lead the class. I really did not know what to expect at the beginning but I knew from Allaine’s natural enthusiasm that I would enjoy her class and I did. From that point forward after each class my posture would improve more and more and in my self practice my alignment was changing and getting better.In addition the injury I had sustained in a car accident years ago left me with right hip pain. Now I am pain free and no longer feel discomfort. It is the perfect yoga to freeing yourself of pain or to simply get a break from the daily routine.
Carolina Miami Florida
I have been coming to Allaine’s classes now for about 8 months, & I can honestly say that that my lower back pain has decreased, & I have more energy ..My back surgery was 3 yrs ago, & I still suffer from chronic back pain that radiates down my legs. Through Allaine’s classes, I feel like I have less back & leg pain, & I am able to move & stretch, & breathe through the pain & discomfort. Her classes are most definitely a gift to myself. She is truly a gifted & caring person. . After each class, I feel like I have moved a part of my body that I have not moved or used or stretched in quite a while. She is most intuitive, & always knows what each of us needs each week to make our lives a little better. Thank you my dear for being you…….
Love, Marlene
Teacher Training gita
Om Namah Shivayah Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapanchaya Santaya
Niralambaya Tejase

"I offer myself to my true Teacher, the divine light inside my heart. When I look inward toward that light, that is where I will find pure consciousness, bliss and peace."
Allaine Stricklen