Prenatal Yoga

A mother herself, and experienced in child birthing, Allaine creates gentle, nurturing Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Classes and  Teacher Training  Programs for Students or Teachers.
Allaine offers a two-week course for those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga practice situations.  Also, Allaine gives Group and Personalized Pregnancy Classes.
Allaine found that when she gave birth in water, the experience was beyond her imagination and expectations.  The natural childbirth was a special calming serene experience which she wishes to share with all expectant Mothers.  Through her own birthing experience, and learning to birth from within, she prepares the Mother with her gentle style of Yoga to diminish any concerns, medical issues, nervousness, that an expectant Mother may have.
Through the use of Props such as chairs, bolsters, blocks, and blankets the pregnant Mother will feel fully supported not only for herself, but her baby too.
Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is a safe relaxing approach to Pre and Post Natal Yoga for all Mothers to be, no matter what physical or emotional state of being.
Allaine teaches you how to connect with your baby through your breath, visualization, and Asana practice.
For more information:   Allaine Stricklen, Tel (786) 252-2353