Personalized Teacher Training/ Mentorship Programs

Allaine has created a fully personalized and unique Teacher Training Program that is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Working with Allaine, you can receive a tailored program designed specifically for you! 200, 300 and 500 hour programs are available.

If you are considering a career change and are still working full time, Allaine’s Mentorship Program is flexible and accommodating to your schedule.


A mother herself, and experienced in child birthing, Allaine creates a gentle, nurturing Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Teacher Training for experienced teachers. This is a two-week course for experienced Teachers who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga practice situations. Allaine also offers personalized Workshops. Please contact Allaine for more information.


  • deepen your Yoga practice
  • teach Gentle Therapeutics Yoga
  • adjust and teach Students with emphasis on precision
    and body alignment
  • dealing with injuries
  • Yoga for Scoliosis
  • deepen your meditation practice and learn how to
    teach meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pranayama practice
  • Chanting, Mantras and Invocations
  • Sanskrit
  • Practice teaching with critique
  • written exam with references to required reading
  • 8 limbs of Yoga and beyond
  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga for pregnancy
  • sequences and postures for menstruation and certain
  • professional ethics of Yoga Teachers
  • issues of injury and liability insurance
  • business and marketing ideas


  • 3 hours self-practice per day, including sadhana,
    journaling and required reading
  • Karma Yoga
  • Vegetarian diet is highly recommended throughout the program


$2950 – 200 HOURS

$3550- 300 HOURS

$4850 – 500 HOURS

yoga instructor


Having the pleasure of being a student of Allaine Stricklen’s 200 hour yoga teacher training was a wonderful experience as well as a way to deepen my own self practice and self exploration. Her knowledge and years of honed experience in the teachings and practice of yoga have given me the crucial tools to expand a love of yoga, to also being confident in teaching others this amazing way of life and practice. I will be forever grateful!

-Moira Deane Massage Therapist

Gentle Therapeutics Yoga with Allaine Stricklen was exactly what I expected and most remarkable experience .The immense amount of knowledge prepared me to become a Therapeutic’s Yoga Instructor. I started the Teacher Training with a lot of fears, today after finished my training I feel strong and ready to enjoy my new path in the Therapeutic’s field.
I will always be thankful to the universe for bringing Allaine into my life, she prepared me to become the person that I am today, with her help I enjoyed the journey of a personal discovery and a lot of learning from the depths of yoga, she enhanced my view of how wonderful life is, and that prepared me with the necessary tools to become a Therapist. Now I am ready to create positive thinking to myself and to others, provide healing to injury and create body-mind and spirit connection. All of this was possible because Allaine was there every step of the way, now I am ready to share my knowledge with others, I am honored to be a part of the Gentle Therapeutic’s family, I am proud of myself for this accomplishment but nothing would have been possible without Allaine’s support .
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your knowledge with me, your are a very special person. My light honors your light,

Lorena A Miami

Allaine’s passion, dedication and extensive experience in Therapeutics yoga made her the best choice for me. I took the time to research for the most qualified mentor, and after my first interview with her, I knew she was the one. She exceeded my expectations.
I feel confident and well prepared for this new endeavor. Thank you Allaine! You are the best!

Sonia Weisz
CAP Realty

Allaine Stricklen’s Gentle Therapeutics Yoga teacher training is a life changing experience. I came to Allaine at a time when I was myself injured and going through a difficult time in my life. Allaine taught me that it is possible to heal your body and mind through positive thinking, pranayama breath work, and gentle yoga with props. Allaine worked with me one on one which is quite rare today in the yoga teacher training world and was a true mentorship. She worked with me in depth to learn about different ailments and how to use gentle therapeutics yoga to restore the body and mind. Allaine is truly one of a kind as she brings a light and passion to her teaching and her students. I feel that through my teacher training program with Allaine, not only did I grow as a yoga teacher but I grew personally more than I could have imagined. Allaine is a blessing to all of her students and I am incredibly thankful to her for all that she has taught me.

xxxxoooo 🙂


Dear Allaine,

Thank you my Bella precious Allaine for accepting me in your wonderful Gentle Therapeutics Yoga program, during a time when I needed it the absolute most!! Thanks to your loving support and caring Mentorship I have undertaken a through spiritual therapy which was very important and necessary while I was hurting and could not recover on my own.
I have tested the Gentle Therapeutics Yoga first hand on my own skin and that is how I know how efficient and true it is to me and to those who need spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

You helped me find out the cause of the pain in my knee when no doctor knew how, THANK YOU!!! As a person and as yoga instructor I did not realize how deep is the connection between emotional issues an physical pain, thanks to your 200 RYT program now I have an extensive awareness and a comprehensive knowledge of what is “PAIN” and “INJURY”, and on how to approach it, which relates to all people no exceptions.

Through your training program you have given me such compassion and wisdom and care and love and support ad friendship like no other, and thanks to all the precious tools you have taught me throughout this wonderful journey together, I have gained so much confidence as a renewed yoga instructor, and so much health as a person.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Lara Truppo

Dear Allaine, What began as a love of coming to your class transitioned into a beautiful 15 month journey of love, healing, learning & growing in Gentle Therapeutics Yoga. When I embarked on this journey, I was teaching, yet not confident in my abilities to help those who came with issues- and there are always issues, even in the young & supposedly healthy. You have guided & nurtured me to believe that I can do it. With your gentle coaxing & repetition, I am now ready to be tested and fly away- although not too far. You have given me so much valuable information & insight into the workings of the human body, mind & spirit. Seeing these mind body connections, I embarked on my Yoga for Scoliosis training in San Francisco & my sister is so grateful. I, in turn, am grateful to you for standing at my side, nudging me to keep going & not give up. Filming classes & workshops, I have a treasure chest of Allaine videos to hear you anytime I need or want. Thank you for investing in me as a student.

With much love & gratitude,


Allaine’s 500-hour Mentorship Program transformed my life in so many ways. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and wisdom Allaine shared. The training not only expanded my knowledge of Yoga but created a shift in the way I see myself. Journaling was a major part of this program and I am so glad because it shed light on my own thought patterns and consequent emotional and physical reactions to them; this played a crucial part in my personal growth over the past year. Allaine did a wonderful job of tailor making the program to fit my specific goals and needs; she was also very flexible in accommodating my hectic schedule. Allaine is an honest and committed teacher who I am so honored to have worked with. Because of her, I feel very prepared to continue this yogic journey!

Nicole Edwards

Miami, FL

I finished my 30hrs Advanced Teacher Training with Allaine Stricklen. I am so inspired by the way Allaine teaches, and shares her wealth of knowledge. She gives so much of herself and love, into every moment. I am so excited that I got to learn from this Amazing Goddess. It is a very extensive Program even for 30hrs, I gained an abundance of knowledge from her, learning about, anatomy such as bones, muscles, and many other remedies. Allaine is ever so prepared, patient and loving. I can’t wait to gain more knowledge from my Teacher and Mentor.

Sat Nam

May the long time sun shine upon you

Love and Blessings,


The Gentle Therapeutics Yoga training completely created a new level of awareness as far as teaching is concerned. Having a teacher like Allaine was a true blessing. With patience, kindness and pure passion she opened a new door of knowledge that completely changed my yoga path. For that I am truly grateful. Allaine not only became my mentor but also a true and wonderful friend.

Ana Chassot-Petersen

500RYT/Ayurveda and Wellness Counselor/TVProducer

Allaine Stricklen is a gifted, devoted and compassionate teacher. Because of her unique one-on-one teaching style, I learned much more than I would have in a group setting. Her lessons were tailored to my level of experience and my specific interest – therapeutics for older students and those with injuries. I did not just learn a list of poses, she taught me to use the full complexity and subtlety of yoga to help any student heal and grow. I also learned how to teach more effectively in a group setting, which is an art in itself. And most importantly, Allaine understood the transformation that I needed to go through as a person,and she guided me gently but firmly towards a much happier, more balanced life. I will forever be grateful for the time that I spent with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go deeper on the path of yoga.

Miami, FL

I have just completed the one year 500 hour Gentle Therapeutics Yoga Teacher Training program with Allaine. It was a very intense year filled with many unforeseen obstacles but, we were able to successfully navigate around them. I am grateful for the experience and for Allaine. She is a fountain of knowledge and I have tremendous respect for her and what she does. She has helped countless people and that is what inspired me to take this journey. Allaine, you are a beautiful person and are full of wisdom, which makes you an excellent teacher. I have come away from this last year having grown in so many ways. Thank you Allaine for your patience and kind manner of teaching. It has made all the difference and has brought me to the finish line of this program. Thank you and God Bless You.

Deborah Miller-Albanese
Miami Beach Fl.
Teacher Training gita
Om Namah Shivayah Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapanchaya Santaya
Niralambaya Tejase

"I offer myself to my true Teacher, the divine light inside my heart. When I look inward toward that light, that is where I will find pure consciousness, bliss and peace."
Allaine Stricklen