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Jennifer Porciello

Jennifer Porciello
Jennifer Porciello is certified through the  Yoga Alliance  in Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.   Jennifer’s training and mentorship  was  with  Master Teacher  Allaine Stricklen. It is her belief that through the consistency of practice, and pranayama one can assist their body in healing.  This is achieved by increasing blood flow to the areas of the body that are  in need of  healing.     She also  believes that  through consistent practice you are able to assist your body in its goal towards proper  alignment. Besides teaching Gentle Therapeutics Yoga,  Jennifer also teaches Youth 4 Yoga and works with young athletes in  the prevention of injuries.  Jennifer works from her home studio,  Synergy Yoga Center and Green Monkey Studios. Also visit her website at to book a private lesson and find out more about her Yoga philosophy and  practice.

Vicky Vazquez

Vicky Vazquez RYT-500 Vicky Vazquez is an accredited Yoga Instructor. She trained with Master Yoga Instructor Allaine Stricklen, who created Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, a Restorative Yoga with teachings derived from many different styles of Yoga, including Iyengar Yoga. The method uses props (such as blankets, blocks and chairs) to position the body to restore its balance and vitality.She currently teaches private clients, in which she can address specific issues and or concerns they may have. She accomplishes this by working alongside with the Holistic and Chiropractic professional community. This has given her a tremendous insight between the correlation of the body and mind and how healing can occur with various modalities if properly diagnosed. Vicky as well, has taught group classes at Green Monkey, Skanda Yoga, Biltmore Hotel, Dharma Yoga and BBalanced Integrative Medicine. Currently working on a work shop to address Stress and Anxiety.”For years, I’d taken yoga classes here and there. It wasn’t until I felt the effects of stress in my body, my mind and my emotions that I realized my main exercises — lifting weights and running — wasn’t providing the benefits I needed to deal with the problem. As a practicing Buddhist, I reflected a lot on what I could do at this moment in my life to help my body and eliminate a lot of the negative thinking, the worrying and that stress that causes so many illnesses. At the same time, I came to realize that my work was no longer satisfying, and in fact, it had become a big source of the stress I was dealing with. That’s when I decided to dedicate myself to the study of yoga seriously. The more I got into it, I recognized the numerous benefits, not only in toning and rejuvenating the body but in improving the mental outlook and generating a more positive and peaceful attitude.”

Ilana Salk

Ilana Salk
www.ilanasalkyoga.comIlana Salk is recognized for being the driving force in engaging individuals into the ongoing practice of yoga by inspiring men and women of all ages to enhance their health and develop a lifestyle of well-being. Ilana introduced herself to the Miami yoga scene in 2011 teaching in a variety of studios, workshops, and events. Ilana’s classes are result-oriented, demanding and satisfying. Ilana holds an E-RYT 200 Hour certification and a 500 Hour Gentle Therapeutics Certification which gives her the ability to tailor classes to client-specific needs and desires.

Nicole Edwards


Nicole Edwards ERYT-500www.serenityt.weebly.comNicole is the creator and owner of Serenity Therapeutics, LLC based out of Hollywood, Florida. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) and board-certified music therapist, practicing yoga and music for over 10 years. In 2010, she established a Hospice Music Therapy Program, helping those with a terminal illness use music and yoga to face death with courage and faith every day. “My work in Hospice brought awareness to stressful situations and how people, including myself, manage that stress. Through intentional use of both modalities, I witnessed a person’s inherent capacity to tap into the body’s inner wisdom and to realize their fullest potential to self-heal.”In 2013, as she journeyed forward, with increased chronic neck and back pain of her own, she chose to pursue a more therapeutic approach to yoga. With Allaine Stricklen’s Gentle Therapeutics Yoga method, she found physical and mental relief, as well as a renewed connection with the divine.She wishes to bring the same Hospice spirit of holistic, compassionate care to her Yoga Students. It is her goal to support the journey inward, realizing that inner serenity is ours, if only we have the will to tap into our own fountain of inner wisdom. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition, or want to add flexibility and balance to your lifestyle.  Nicole tailors each class to meet your specific needs. No prior experience is necessary.

Meredith Weil

Meredith “Just open your mat to open your mind, for an inflexible body leads to an inflexible mind.”Sciatica, neck and shoulder pain were almost a daily battle for Meredith and yoga provided a temporary respite and solace when there was very little in her life.  After injuring her shoulder, Meredith sought out a more gentle form of yoga to help heal her injuries.  This is when she discovered Gentle Therapeutics Yoga. After years of yoga practice and workshops attended, Meredith decided she wanted to help others heal through teaching, so she enrolled in Gentle Therapeutics Yoga Mentorship Teacher Training and received her 200 RYT.She now specializes in helping students with lower back pain, sciatica and those people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. She teaches groups and private classes that help students reduce stress, enhance flexibility and increase self-confidence.Meredith is also a Holistic Health Coach specializing in helping busy professionals reduce stress, eat healthier, have more energy and make time for the things they enjoy most.  She also helps guide individuals in transitioning to a more sustainable, plant-based diet.  Many of today’s chronic diseases can often be linked to poor diet and lack of exercise. Meredith creates a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve all of your health goals.